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A modern retro adventure game filled with magic, secrets and exploration!
Alwa’s Legacy is a modern retro game full of dangerous dungeons, mystic items and ancient secrets. Upgrade your magic and choose your own path in this non-linear adventure game brimming with exploration.

    Customized playing
  • Choose how you want to play with our clever upgrade system – More explorative, fearless or strategic. You decide!

    Exploration is rewarded
  • Leave no stone unturned! The world of Alwa is filled with secrets and finding them requires for you to delve into an abundance of puzzles

    A non-linear experience
  • Combining your exploration with different item upgrades allows for finding your own way throughout the adventure

    Looks and sounds amazing
  • Enjoy crisp pixel-art paired with modern effects and a spellbinding soundtrack by chiptune extraordinaire RushJet1

    A challenge awaits
  • Quick reflexes are needed to navigate through the many challenging rooms and with easy-to-change settings anyone can enjoy Alwa’s Legacy!


Get this game and 2 more for $7.57 USD
View bundle
Buy Now
On Sale!
80% Off
$17.99 $3.59 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $3.59 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Alwa's Legacy Windows 170 MB
Version 7
Alwa's Legacy macOS 164 MB
Version 5
Alwa's Legacy Linux 162 MB
Version 5

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For some reason the game is Having problem Accepting Xbox S pad on Native linux.

Up&Down were inverted, So I exchanged them in option. but the control was still inverted.


I would absolutely love to see a retro port of this game. I will support as much as I can!

sorry, does this come with a DRM free copy and steam key?  thank you.


We're not sure we understand. The itchio copy is DRM free yes but there's no Steam key inluded on itchio. Only if you get the game on Steam.

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it’s not uncommon for a game on itch to give a steam key on purchase. creators get more money from itch, and installing with steam is convenient.

(edit: lol at down votes?! was just explaining the original question)

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can you add a SNES ROM version too? I am using the RGM hand held emulator and would love to play it as a stand alone on it.

It doesn't exist a SNES version of Alwa's Legacy. 

I'm totally lost, where do I go once I have finished Sylvan Temple :)

Hello, at this point you have multiple choices and your main task is to reach the boss icons on the map.

A little hint for one path of progression is to follow Central Alwa all the way to the right and instead of climbing up the tower, you go down.

Hope this helps :)


I was excited to try this out, but on my Ubuntu machine, my Logitech USB gamepad doesn't work. I can navigate, jump, and open my inventory, but I cannot close it and I can't attack. In fact, in a bit of irony, when I navigate to the controller settings (either from the pause menu or from the main menu), I can't navigate away, leaving me forever stuck on the controller mapping page.

Is there anything I can do to help diagnose this issue?

Hello, sorry to hear that your controller doesn't work.

It's hard for us to test or reproduce this, other users that have ran into similar issues on Linux have either used another controller (like an Xbox controller) or used some third party software that lets you emulate Xbox controller inputs with their Logitech controller.

I'm sorry that I can't provide any more straight forward solution to your issue.

I had the same issue and found a somewhat crude solution: use the keyboard to navigate to controller settings and redo the controller bindings. That worked for me.

Even better than the first.


Sweet. Happy to see this now on itch as well!