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In Alwa's Awakening you play as Zoe, a heroine sent from another world to bring peace to the land of Alwa. Equipped only with a magic staff she awakens in a distant land and must set out to help the people. Traverse dangerous dungeons, meet interesting and fun characters and explore the world in this 8-bit adventure game. Just like the old classics you won't have a flashing arrow telling you exactly where to go and what to do next. Instead you are free to find your own way and by using your magic staff you can progress through the over 400 unique challenging rooms in the game.

Alwa’s Awakening is a game that tries to stay as close as possible to the authentic 8-bit look with sweet pixel art, a soundtrack filled with catchy chiptunes and so much charm it’ll bring you right back to the NES era. With easy to understand controls the game is easy to learn but tough to master, just like how games were in the old days!

    A retro game with an authentic feel
  • A new challenging NES-inspired adventure game with the authentic feel and look of a Nintendo 8-bit game. Inspired by classics such as Battle of Olympus and Solstice.

    Use your magic staff
  • Equip a magic staff that holds many mysterious powers. Use it to solve puzzles and defeat enemies in over 400 unique rooms. Upgrade your staff by finding new gemstones.

    You are Zoe
  • Play as Zoe who has been sent for to help free the land of Alwa. With easy to understand controls, you'll jump and fight your way through the many different challenging rooms.

    Explore the land of Alwa
  • Explore a large interconnected map in true ‘Metroidvania’ style. Play the game any way you want and find your own way through the land of Alwa.

    Find new items and learn new abilities
  • Find and unlock a slew of different objects throughout the adventure that will both give Zoe new abilities as well as unlock new areas.

    An 8-bit soundtrack
  • Listen to a completely new 8-bit soundtrack with over 25 new original tracks composed by Robert Kreese. Also features a guest track by Prof. Sakamoto.


Buy Now
On Sale!
50% Off
$9.99 $4.99 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $4.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Alwa's Awakening Windows 70 MB
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Alwa's Awakening macOS 71 MB
Version 1
Alwa's Awakening Linux 82 MB
Version 1


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Fantastic game! Only thing I can criticize is that the first two bosses were so unbelievably easy but everything else in this game from the art, sound, and gameplay is amazing.

Not a game for the emotionally immature who can't handle dying because they haven't spent time to master the controls/misjudged the distance of a jump(the frustration with yourself is real when travelling one place to another and you fail to pay attention and haphazardly jump into water/spikes)!

Will definitely be buying the sequel!

Own this on Steam and GOG but just bought it again on itch!

Oh wow! Thank you so much!

Un divertido metroidvania con mucho sabor retro. Recomendado para los amantes de la vieja escuela.

Mi review completa en español: https://retroorama.blogspot.com/2020/01/indie-review-alwas-awakening.html