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I'm having a hard time leading up to the third boss where you are supposed to light the lanterns. I see some are broken, and some are whole but the set of four together only light to when you light other ones elsewhere. But I can't find all the other four. Took me forever to realize the difference between broken and whole because after trying to light a bunch of broken ones I dismissed the whole for a while.

I'm never sure if a place I get to is one that's not able to be passed by me or if it's just hard and I haven't figured it out yet. I'm confused now after doing air jumps in the first green block and being able to get into some bubble only areas early. Now like I said I never know if I'm just not getting a puzzle or if I need to come back to it later.

I don't see any text walkthroughs either. I'd love a guide that used the NES room and level numbers and keys to what's where. I love playing the game and listening to the music but I'm not good enough to figure everything out lol.

Hello! The NES version should be almost identical to the original version so if you check a walkthrough you should be able to find your way forward :)

Thanks for the help! As for the nes version I just meant that the nes ui seemed to have room numbers but the others didn't. That was just for help identifying which room was which, but I've been watching a playthrough on YouTube. The hard part is that it doesn't cut to the direct path, the person wonders all around himself, so it's very hard to see where to go next without room numbers and by scrubbing through the video.

I couldn't actually find any detailed text walkthroughs. Just quick overview guides and spoilers to all the weapons. Do you have any recommendations for ones that just go room by room so I can only see one step ahead at a time to spoil less things?

Thank you!

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We don't know if such guide exists unfortunately. Hope you can still find your way forward :)


You might want to give this game some more tags. I'm always searching for sales with the tags NES ROM and NES (Nintendo Entertainment System), and your game didn't come up in that search.

Thank you! We'll aim to do that :)


if only would add NES/Famicom, Mega Drive/Genesis, SFC/SNES to the list of platforms. i suggested it in the forums, and a moderator had a hissy fit to the point i deleted the thread. x_x

just picked up the game. LOVED the demo. looking forward to playing!

Even something like Homebrew for the platform would go a long way. The tag exists, but platform would probably help visibility more.

There are all sorts of consoles and retro PCs with homebrew ROMS on, but they aren't always easy to find.

Homebrew would be too broad in my opinion. a subsection called 'Vintage Systems' that you could expand to all the old PCs, and Game consoles.

tags are so often abused here. lost count how many 'Mega Drive' and 'NES ROM' games i've come across that have NOTHING to do with Mega Drive/Genesis/NES. then on the other side of that coin... i only found Mega Man: The Sequel Wars because someone i follow added it to their collection. criminal to miss that one.

anywho, i played Alwa's Awakening (8-bit) last night, and my save from the demo was there! guess since both ROMS are named the same my Everdrive loaded the save for it. *note i didn't load it. started anew so i can't confirm it works or not.


I am now playing this on my New2DSXL, it is amazing how good the controls are, graphics are well defined and easily identifiable what is going on the screen. THANK YOU!

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This is such a great game. I have played it before on my evercade. And so I decided to get it for my NES, using my N8 plus (the china clone). And I can't get it to work unfortunately. I have tried other mappers, but none is working. The original mappers I had, is from 2020. The ones I tried is older.

So I guess you can't  buy this game and expect it to work with those China clones of N8 out of the box.

But for rhe game itself, its worth all the money. 

Im gonna fire up my evercade now, and play  Alwa's awakening.

I got it to work on my NES.

And i love it. Graphics, music and gameplay is spot on. And I can't get enough of it. 

Developers have done an amazing job with this game.  

If you scroll down a bit, there's a person with a China clone N8 that got it to work. We can't vouch for the link though.

Thank you for the reply. I did try that guy's link. But it didn't work on my china clone N8. However I will continue to research this matter, and give update if successful. There is probably stuff I don't understand with this.

And also, thanks for an awesome game.


This game was originally developed as a retro game with mostly NES-like limitations, so this port to the actual NES is remarkably faithful. As far as modern games go, Alwa’s is mostly adequate. It’s a good, simple metroidvania, not too long, but just the right length. As an NES game, though, it really shines. It has the rare quality of possibly being the only PC-to-NES port that has more content than the original PC game! The Famitracker-composed music was ported to the NES without modification, and the sprites and background and all pixel art mostly came through unscathed, except for some simplifications of the palette. The story and secrets are all there, and even a few new secrets made it in to this port! The mechanics and physics between three simple abilities provide an interesting challenge in almost every room of the game. Nothing feels out of place.

If this game had come out during the NES days, it would have been one of the best-known and most loved games of the system. It came out last year and it is one of my most loved games across all systems..

Wow, thank you!


saludos desde Mexico gracias por darle mas vida al NES

I recently bought the game on Steam and was a bit disappointed that it didn't work on N8 China Clone, but with the mappers update from the following link it works now!!!😄


As far as homebrews go this is incredible. Great soundtrack, beautiful pixels and fun gameplay. I loved using my abilities in the little puzzles, which weren't too challenging at all (but that's a good thing imho).
It's so well made I actually forgot I was playing a NES game. My recommended choice of emulator is, and has always been, Mesen.

Will the GOG version go on sale? I already own licenses for your games there and would prefer to have that all on a single site. Fingers crossed...

Yes, it'll go on sale hopefully later in October. :)

Thank-you. I hope it will be close to the same deal.😍

The GOG sale is live! 🥳

very good game! nice fantasy-setting and very good atmosfear

I couldn't wait for NES ROM to be available so I bought it for PC from GOG, from Steam and from After missing the pre-order and looking for it for hours online, I FINALLY found a retailer with copies of the Digical version.  I LOVE this game. I'm hoping to someday see Alwa's Legacy in an 8-Bit Edition. Another completely new Alwa's game would also be great.

Alwa's Legacy would be more like a 16-Bit Edition.

I am looking forward to Alwa's Legacy SNES version 

Game Clear!

The game is Wonderful!

I am looking forward to Alwa's Legacy SNES version and Alwa's Awakening NES version BGM

Doesn't work on Everdrive cart, unknown ROM format. Shame :(


According to our Discord it should work on both Everdrive N8 and Everdrive N8 Pro, make sure it's updated.

I'm reviewing it for Hackinformer right now using the rom from this site on my Everdrive N8 and it works. I couldn't get it to show up at first. I had to move everything off of the SD Card to my PC. Then I reformatted the SD Card and put the files back onto it. Then it worked like a charm!


It works perfectly on a real Everdrive N8 and N8 Pro. I've tested it on 3 N8 Pros and 1 N8. Tested on both NES and Famicom versions. I tested all Everdrives in an Analogue Nt Mini Noir. I have had no issues at all. It even runs from the flash card of the Analogue Mini Noir running the jailbrake firmware. Is your flash cart a genuine Everdrive or a clone copy of the Everdrive? It's possible the clones of the N8 won't work.

Is the book of Sutter working? I can't tell the difference.

Never mind. I think it is, I just thought it applied to magic as well.

Amazing game! I'm definitely recommending it to others.

Thanks for offering the ROM by itself! I passed on the physical NES game and the physical digital version as well previously even though I thought they looked like amazing products. I was just hoping it would be available digital only and now it is. Going to hopefully boot it up on mister sometime soon or through an Everdrive. Thanks again

An excellent game that practically you don´t have to play, it´s  just enough to see it to know that is an awesome game. If you play it, this game will conquere you

Hi will this rom work on the everdrive?

According to our Discord Everdrive N8 and Everdrive N8 Pro should work.

There's a demo to download if you want to try :)

Thank you it worked on my N8 Pro


The NES version of Alwa's Awakening was awesome, and I hope you keep it up and make it a new classic.It is a miracle. Now I am very interested in the story behind your creation of Alwa's Awakening. Could you share your initial idea of creation with us,^-^


Congrats on the release! Cant wait to play through it!

<trans oldtip="在Steam已购买," newtip="在蒸汽已购买,">这里不支持支付宝或微信,在Steam已购买支持一下作者,游戏质量真心不错,PC版和nes版内容好像差不多。</trans>


Awesome game! I really like this NES version. It'd be great if you could also include the Digital Instruction Manual. Thanks!


Is the digital manual available anywhere?

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Hello! The digital NES manual will most likely be added in a future update. Right now it's exclusive to the USB release.

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Hey your demo does not work on a NES emulator for my hand held ANBERNIC device. I am getting a PRG file missing similar to this error:

I am using the installed FCEUX emulator.

The error is "MAPPER TEST FAIL: PRG RAM MISSING! with some other statements related to the above with INES MAPPER 

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We don't offer support for emulators unfortunately, please reach out to the makers of the emulator. There's also an emulator channel on our Discord, where you can get help. According to discussion there the game should work in FCEUX 2.6.4.

When will the full version be released?

Today at 1 pm CEST :)

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Thank you so much, I was waiting for it for so long, and it coincides with me replaying the game... Coincidence? I think not!

This is awesome!



Me sitting here hitting refresh until it goes live. I just got a Retroid Pocket 2+ that is ITCHING to have this on it. :)

So what will be the difference from the demo and the final version?

Well, the demo only had one dungeon and the town but the final version will have lots of dungeons and towns :)

where and when  we can get the fianl version?

In a few hours :)


I will be the 1st to buy it! I can't wait! I'll be streaming this tonight on my YouTube channel to get people pumped up!


Hello! The release date is July 1st and the price will be $9.99. Thanks!